Weekly Round Up

Here we go. We are back better than ever. This week a couple of great videos were put out. Hit the jump to check out our favorite videos from this week.

BMX Photos: Part 1

Tim Hankins with a Feeble to Toothpick.

Before I even begin I would like to apologize for being behind on posts lately. I have been very busy with college visits and what not. Now that I have been accepted to the Art Institute of St.Louis for Photography I would like to celebrate by showing some photos. Also, if you click HERE then you can see the Deviant blog that is dedicated to photography. I also have a very exciting project coming up in the future, so keep an eye out for that! Hit the jump to see the rest of the photos.

Review: Demolition Rotator

Today I will be reviewing the Demolition Rotator Freecoaster Wheel (Rotator v2 hub and Demolition Zero rim).

Introducing: DeviantMedia

I am happy to announce the beginning of DeviantMedia. DeviantMedia is a network of blogging sites including, BMX, Skate, and Photography. You can view each site by clicking the name in the list below. You can also view them by going to the DeviantMedia tab on the page bar on any of the sites. To make this even better our store has officially gone live. To celebrate this we want to give you guys free shipping this week. Enter the code VAMPIRE14 for free shipping if you order over $30 worth of stuff. Enjoy!

Weekly Round Up: 10/25

This week, the BMX community got absolutely drowned in amazing web edits and tons of footage from the annual Texas Toast contest.  The couple of videos that really stood out among the sea of new edits were Charlie Crumlish's coverage of Texas Toast, Erik Elstran's 2014 Sunday video and Colony rider Bobby Altiser's 2014 edit, More details after the jump

Brett Banaseiwicz

A couple of years ago Brett Banaseiwicz took a nasty crash doing a 720 over a box. He was wearing a helmet (uncertified), but even with the helmet it knocked him out and damaged his brain. Once at the hospital they decided to put him into a coma. He had to re-learn how to walk, talk, and ride a bike. Throughout this whole event Brett has been nothing but positive. With all of this being said we are EXTREMELY excited to post this video from VitalBMX of Brett riding again. He has been working very hard and has been an inspiration to everybody here at Deviant. Without further ado I give you Mad Dog:
Dan's Comp Pro Team: Brett Banasiewicz - More BMX Videos

Spotify Playlist

Steve and I both enjoy music. I don't really listen to music while I ride, but Steve does. We have both made playlists of our favorite songs and songs that we are hyped on to show you guys.

Weekly Round Up: 10/18

It's that time of the week again! That's right:
Hit the jump to check out the top videos/ news from the week.

How To: Fix a Pinched Stem

Chances are, that a lot of bikers, especially those who started out on complete bikes or just buy a lot of parts have experienced this "oh crap" moment.

Weekly Round Up: 10/10

This week we are breaking our normal format. The reason for this is because there are two videos that came out today that shut the internet down. Those two videos are from Kriss Kyle and Chase Hawk. If you hit the jump there is some other news from the week, but really the main focus is the amazing bowl riding showcased by Kriss and Chase.